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Questions for Treatment Providers

Here are some things you or a loved one should ask as you consider an addiction recovery program:

  1. Verify name, number, and address of facility upon admission to treatment.

  2. Is this a gender-specific substance abuse center? Are there beds available?

  3. What forms of payment do you accept? Do they accept your insurance? If not, are they willing to work with you on a payment plan or other options?

  4. Can they treat substance abuse AND co-occurring mental health issues?

  5. Does the facility help clients with detox? Or would a patient have to go through detox before being admitted?

  6. What is the protocol for opiates and other substances?

  7. Do you have to be medically cleared to enter the facility? Will you accept people from home? Do they need to pass a drug test?

  8. How long is the average stay?

  9. What kind of licenses do staff members hold and is the center a state accredited facility?

  10. What methods of treatment are available at this substance abuse center? Will I receive group treatment sessions or one-on-one sessions? Is behavioral therapy an option to encourage integration back in to the community?

  11. Does the facility tailor its programs to suit client needs or is everyone’s expectation of treatment the same throughout the program?

  12. Is there ongoing assessment of individual’s treatment plan to meet changing needs?

  13. What sort of amenities does your substance abuse center provide for its residents?

  14. Are there restrictions on what clients can bring when they enter the facility?

  15. What is the schedule like? Are clients allowed to contact friends and family and are visitors allowed?

  16. Does the program offer medication assistance if needed?

  17. Does the program offer in-patient aftercare or long term support?

  18. What type of support or follow-up services with patients do you provide one I tern home to monitor possible relapse?

  19. What does the facility do if a client has a relapse?

  20. Does the facility provide therapy for family members or are referrals made to provide support?

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