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Intervention & Family Intervention

Youth Interventions: Programs that address the needs of the individuals, families, and communities in the early stages of substance misuse. The focus is on the individual who has begun to experiment or who is in a high risk environment or other situations due to other substance misuse issues in the family. A professional team will provide immediate services targeting the problem behaviors.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
(617) 423-9575 
47 West Street, Boston, MA

ROCA Youth Development
(617) 889-5210
101 Park Street, Chelsea, MA

Wayside Youth and Family Support
(508) 879-9800
Medford, MA

Eastern District Juvenile Diversion Program
Salem, MA

Walden Behavioral Care
(781) 647-6700
9 Hope Ave., Suite 500
Waltham, MA

NFI Massachusetts
300 Rosewood Dr. Suite 101
Danvers, MA

Northeast Health
(508) 586-2660
231 Main St., Suite 300
Brockton, MA

Children’s Behavioral Health InitiativeCBHI partners with child and family serving state agencies, providers, and payers to ensure that services meet the individual needs of the child and family, are easy for families to find and access, and make families feel welcomed and respected. CBHI works with MassHealth children who have significant behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs.


Family InterventionsA specific form of intervention which involves family members of an alcoholic or person with substance use disorder. This specific type of intervention is in order to get someone to seek professional help.


(508) 540-6550
196 Ter Heun Drive
Falmouth, MA

Hotline: (508) 558-0376
386 Stanley Street
Fall River, MA

Phoenix Houses of New England
(413) 739-2440
15 Mulberry St.
Springfield, MA

Center for Recovery Services
(617) 847-1513
1433 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA

LUK Crisis Center, Inc.
(978) 345-0685
545 Westminster St.
Fitchburg, MA

Wediko Children’s Services
(617) 292-9200
72-74 E. Dedham St.
Boston, MA

NFI Massachusetts
(978) 538-0286
300 Rosewood Drive, Suite 101
Danvers, MA

Brien Center for Mental Health & Substance Abuse
(413) 499-0412
24/7 Hotline: (800) 252-0227
251 Fenn St.
Pittsfield, MA

Section 35 – Court Ordered Treatment: Massachusetts law that allows a qualified person to request a court order requiring someone to be civilly committed and treated involuntarily for substance use disorder. Legal spouse, parents/ guardians, police, medical doctors, and court officials can file for a Section 35 petition. If the court deems that the individual is in serious danger of hurting themselves or others, they will mandate that person to a minimum of 30 days in a locked treatment facility.

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